Key Features of Wp App Maker Wordpress Plugin:

App usage Monitoring *

You will be able to enable the download and usage statistics based on Google Analytics for Mobile.

Money making *

You will be able to easily publish your ads on your own app and start earning money in just a few minutes. Just an AdWhirl account is needed.

Direct distribution by QR code

The plugin also includes a sidebar widget which automatically generates a QR code for downloading the app by taking a photo with a smartphone.

Highly customizable layout

The plugin admin page offers a lot of configuration options like splash screen or background and text color customization. And everything can be changed without rebuilding your app!

Custom XML data transfer protocol (no RSS)

The communication protocol between the mobile app and Wordpress is based on an advanced and optimized protocol much more flexible than a RSS Feed

Built in caching system

The app can store inside its own cache a lot of articles and images which will be accessible also when offline. This also will strongly reduce the bandwidth usage and boosts the performances.

Optimized Images resolution and Photo Gallery rendering

All the images will be pre-processed and optimized for your smartphone before being downloaded.Each image gallery inside a post will be automatically rendered as a photo slider with the "save as wallpaper" option.

(*) indicates a feature available only on the PRO version. See the plugin admin page for more details.